Rector’s Page

Report March 2021

It has been a busy month of dreaming and planning. We have been running the revive program after church on Sundays and exploring different types of prayer. It has been very meaningful for those who have been participating. Unfortunately, most people have not tried it out. I wish we had more interest in exploring Spirituality as a parish. It has been great working with a team; Tanya, Lynda, Elaine, and Colleen all stepped in in the hopes that we would have a big group that would break into small groups for discussions. It has been spiritually nurturing to participate in the diocesan revive program and a gift to bring it back to our parish in our Sunday morning adaptation.

We have also run a Gospel at the Center of the circle Lenten series. We have explored some of the Psalms, which reflect the journey towards Easter. Sadly, there has been only a small number attending, but it has held meaning for its participants – Thanks to Allan and Tanya for the technical support. In the various groups, the meaningfulness of the old Tuesday group has been mentioned a few times. So, I reached out to Susan Parker to see if she might join us remotely and restart the Lectio/book study that she used to run while in the parish. She seems excited and is working with Allan and me to organize how it will run. Once plans are firm, I will start promoting the study in the parish. It will likely run o Wednesday evenings at 7 pm because that is what Susan has available. I will keep you posted.

I invited a meeting of folks interested in fundraising. We had a very fruitful meeting with lots of ideas being explored and some leadership for certain events already clarified. I have also continued conversations about potential indoor and outdoor dinner theatres this year. Although the survey had a good response and that interest in a Spring outdoor dinner theatre clearly expressed, there is still some hesitance about whether to proceed. There seems to be a disconnect about why we started dinner theatre and the church’s present financial needs.

St. Nicholas is registered as a public water source, and for this reason, we were audited this past month. Due to covid, this audit was done virtually. I photographed the water system and scanned all our water testing documents. So far, I have not received word back about whether we have passed yet. A big thank you to Barb Berringer, who has maintained the water testing during Covid!

Daniel and I have done some food planning to support the church. I will offer a takeout meal in April with Gloria’s Biscuits, and Gladys has said she would help as well. Daniel and I will offer a Mother’s Day Takeout following a similar format as the Christmas Dinner. We have also planned to offer a takeout meal should a Spring dinner theatre production proceed.

I was blessed to attend the Diocesan Virtual Clergy Quiet Day on the 25th and will be able to share some of the gifts it offered during our Holy Week services.

I am faithful to my monthly Spiritual Direction; I am finding time to study and for reflection. Sadly, several nursing homes that I was able to visit have closed, and others have not been open to visits since the beginning of Covid. Many people are isolated, but I am so thankful for our province’s work to make our home one of the safest in the world. I pray that the Covid variants do not through us a curveball.


Tammy+        Rector St. Nicholas Westwood Hills