Rector’s Page

Report November 2021


I was very thankful to be able to journey with my sister over this last month of her treatments. The cancer has responded well and although she is very weak but she is getting stronger each passing day and is looking forward to attending the dinner theater before heading home to Yarmouth. November has been full of dinner theater planning and rehearsals. It has been exciting to see St. Nicholas busting with activity again. Although Kevin is tired, he is glowing as scenes come tother and confidence in the production builds. A big thank you to all the teams that are working so hard to pull this incredible event together in Covid times.


Friday suppers have continued to grow but with the business of dinner theater and then Christmas we will hold off until January for our next gathering.


We have started advertising for photos with Santa and we already have 13 families signed up.😊 The only person who is more excited is Herb who is happy to play the part of Santa again this year. Last year the MBG gave out treat bags this year I was thinking about offering them an ice cream cone. This is always a treat, and it could help us use up our supplies.


Our children’s Christmas Eve program has become a staple for our community which we want to maintain. Last year we were able to do an online service which was better than nothing, but we would prefer to have something in person this year. A surprizing number of our young families have chosen not to vaccinate which is a real worry. Our executive discussed the option of using our radio transmitter to have a service outside. With families gathered in their cars to stay warm, but popping out for a tree decorating activity, cocoa and caroling. I think we can make this work and that it could be a very engaging way to connect with our families while staying Covid safe. I would appreciate the council’s thoughts on the children’s gathering. I also wondered if we want to hold two Christmas Eve hybrid services or if we feel the 7pm service is sufficient?


If the council agrees I think some real effort should go into asset mapping the parish over the first three or four months of the New Year so that the parish has clear and up to date information for any discernment decisions they may be facing. This work would be best accomplished with a taskforce group to lead.


I have the last of my vacation booked this will require service coverage for Christmas Morning and Sunday December 27th and January 2nd.


Tammy+        Rector St. Nicholas Westwood Hills