Rector’s Page

Report June 2021


Daniel and I were able to get another Takeout meal out this month, and although the Father’s Day meal sold ten fewer meals than the 104 Mother’s Day Takeout meals. However, our costs were lower, so our profits should be around the same, equaling approximately $1400😊. We were again able to touch the hearts of several people by offering them a donated meal to brighten what might be a difficult or lonely time.


The Ice cream booth opened this month, and we hope to build up a strong and faithful clientele for the summer months when we hope to be open seven days a week. Our opening Day on June 18th was a big success. The Giantsteps children were each gifted an ice cream by one of their teachers, a joy-filled way to start our memorial enterprize. Rev. Lynda came and stayed for the first shift and was delighted to see all the smiling faces as the ice creams were passed out to children and families. Volunteers for the ice cream shop have been few, but I hope this will improve to provide coverage when I am on vacation.


Tanya’s family and my family took an evening and redid the labyrinth. A sign and usage directions will be available for anyone who comes to the ice cream shop. We will also have a prayer request box for anyone who wishes for us to pray for them.


The survey that Tanya and I put together has had numerous modifications and will go out to the parish if we approve it on Monday. We pray that the feedback it gives will direct us as we reopen St. Nicholas, hoping for new life and plans for growth and mission.

Due to Covid restrictions, my monthly Spiritual Direction was delayed, but I am looking forward to returning to it next week; I am finding time to study and reflection.


Our family has booked our summer vacations: I will be out of the parish with very limited online access from July 10th-17th at a cottage; August 2-7th in Cape Breton; August 18-22, Ontario. I will be missing 2 Sundays, so the parish will need to decide whether they wish to get clergy coverage or cover these Sundays with our in-house ministry team?



Tammy+        Rector St. Nicholas Westwood Hills