Rector’s Page

Report July 2021


The Ice cream shop began opening daily this month. The weather has been hit and miss, but we have brought in enough income now that we are in a profit position. We have been supported in this venture by Samantha Baily, who is working for Farmers this Summer. She can pick us up to four tubs of ice cream weekly at a greatly reduced rate which will certainly help our profit margin. We are still working to build a strong and faithful clientele, but we do have regulars with whom we have developed relationships. A father and son who come regularly even asked if they could do a bottle drive to help financially support the church! It is great to make connections and seeing that the church’s wellbeing is on the mind of our community.


I need to thank Tanya for jumping in to supervise the ice cream shop while I was on vacation. She helped each volunteer open the shop, and she filled in the gaps when we did not have enough volunteers to cover all the shifts. We are still struggling to get enough volunteers, but the folks who have volunteered have done well, and most of them take additional shifts – However, we need a larger group of volunteers.


The parish survey went out this month, and we will have to wait and see the level of response. I hope that the survey gives us some clear direction about how best to resume in-person services in the Fall. A very simple parish picnic has been scheduled for July 25th. We hope to build on this picnic with a second more elaborate parish picnic at the end of August. We hope these casual gatherings build people’s comfort levels so that we can return in full force for our in-person services in the Fall. Covid still looms large, so we will have to wait and see.


I resumed my monthly Spiritual Direction, and we enjoyed our first week of family vacation. I felt blessed to minister to Linda, and Brian Smith as Brian’s life came to an end. It was very special to celebrate Brian’s life in his beautiful garden and to have some of our church ladies organize a reception for Brian’s service that ran out of his workshop. It was a proper send-off for Brian and a wonderful comfort to our faithful and loved Linda.


Our family’s remaining summer vacations are booked for August 2-7th in Cape Breton, August 18-22, Ontario. I will have internet access during both of these breaks and will only be missing one Sunday. The biggest issue with my being away is finding coverage for the ice cream shop. Tanya has already recorded the dates to supervise.


The church inspection warranted a kitchen clean-up scheduled for July 24th, and we have also asked for volunteers to help with yard and garden clean-up. I hope that people come and that people start to reconnect with the building, which will need their support in we intend to maintain it over the coming months and years.



Tammy+        Rector St. Nicholas Westwood Hills