Maundy Thursday Vigil

Welcome to the St Nicholas Church Maundy Thursday overnight Vigil.

We have provided a couple of resources to help you pray and meditate as you join us in the time between Jesus’ Last Supper with his Disciples and the events of Good Friday.

The primary resource is a special Zoom session which will run all night for you to join at any time, and will silently show changing images for you focus on while you pray and meditate.  There may be others joining the vigil at the same time as you, and you are invited to connect with each other if you wish, either silently using the “chat” feature, or you may turn your mic on if you prefer to converse aloud.  There are 30 images in the set, and when all have been displayed they will keep repeating, so you are likely to see each image several times during your time on the vigil.  It is best to see them large, so we recommend you use at least a tablet or laptop computer if you can.

To join the Vigil Zoom session simply click here:

Jesus Praying

Zoom can be tricky at times, and there is a possibility that it may have “timed out” during the night.  If this has happened you will not see any images, but may see a message informing you that the “host” has not started the meeting yet.  The session will still be operating and you should still be able to converse with others who are online, but you can click the link below to view a video slide show of the same set of images.  It may take a minute or more for to load and play.  When  the video ends, you can restart it to continue showing the images again.

Thank you for joining with us in our vigil tonight.