Upcoming Events

Parents & Tots playgroup – Thursday morning playgroup at St Nicholas resumes Sept 15th from 9:30 – 11AM at : Click here for more details

–> If you are looking for other groups on other days of the week, there is a Tuesday morning group at the Tantallon Library, and also the St Margaret’s Bay Toy Library meets on Wednesday mornings!

Father Art’s Scoops of Joy Ice Cream Shop: Thank you to everyone who dropped by the Shop this summer, our last day was Sept 3rd! Big Thanks to Rory, our summer student, for all his dedicated scooping! Also a big thanks to the Canada Summer Jobs program that made it possible for us to hire a student this year. 🙂

Parish “town hall” meeting – Sept 25 following worship – bring something to share for lunch.

St. Francis Day: will be celebrated on October 2 at 10 am. This will be a potluck, picnic service with singing. Plants and animal friends are cordially invited. We will bless every living thing, even pictures of animal companions. There will be a photographer too, so lots of photo ops. Please come and bring your friends. It’s a great time for people to meet us. And if it should rain, we will improvise in the building.

Melissa Connick School of Dance (MCSoD) Christmas Craft Fundraiser – Nov. 26th