Parish Council

… a few more details, from the Parish Handbook

Our Church is governed by the Parish Council. The Council oversees the life, worship and governance of the Parish, including all “guilds, societies and organizations” within the Parish. It carries out these duties in accordance with the Anglican Church Act, Constitution and Canons of the Diocese.

Parish Council meetings are held at a pre-appointed time and date. Meetings are usually open to the congregation. An emergency meeting may be called when deemed necessary, or e-motions for pressing issues that arise between meetings.

Members of the Parish Council may be nominated or volunteer and are formally elected at the annual AGM meeting of the parish. The council consists of the Rector or incumbent serving the Parish and each clergy member canonically appointed by the Bishop. Parish Council Officers include the two Wardens, Treasurer, adult and youth Synod delegates, Recording Secretary, and six members at large, elected at the Annual Meeting and/or appointed by the Parish Council if the docket is unable to be filled at the AGM elections. Each Council Member-at-Large shall normally hold office for a term of three years, and staggered as such, normally only two Council Members are eligible to be elected each year. In an ideal situation, each year two three-year members-at-large come off council and two new members-at-large go on council for the next three years.

Warden — Each Warden shall hold office for a term of at least two years, and staggered as such, that only one Warden is elected each term. No one warden may serve longer than 9 years consecutively, before a break, in accordance with canon law.

Treasurer — has a 1 year annual appointment.

Recording Secretary — has a 1 year annual appointment. They also serve as a member-at-large with a three year term. Their role as secretary is an annual appointment.

Council Members-at-Large — 3 years

Synod Delegates — 1 year

Executive Committee — The Rector, other clergy member(s) canonically appointed by the Bishop, two Wardens and the Treasurer form the Executive Committee. They meet as and when required.

A Chairperson shall be elected by the Parish Council at its first regular meeting, held after the Annual Meeting for that year. They shall be elected from the Parish Council.