Parish Leadership

This is the time of year when we call upon the members of St. Nicholas to consider how
you can offer your skills, vision, faith, and interest, to the leadership of the parish.
Below, you will find a detailed description of duties and responsibilities. Please read
them over. Every member of a parish has a role to play. We do not serve an
organization; we are an organization, a living entity in which all members are essential
and all have a part to play. Maybe this is your time to offer your skills in leadership!
What would you get out of it? Most people who serve on parish council comment
that it is very satisfying to see that, working together, we can create effective,
transformational plans. There is also a shared collegiality, lots of work and lots of

What does the parish get from your service? Each of us brings a particular
perspective to the life of the parish and everyone’s ideas are yeast in the mix. All are
worthy and all bring their own unique gifts.

So, here are the positions we need to fill this year. You may nominate someone if you
ask them first and they consent. You may also volunteer yourself.

We are looking for — at a minimum — the following people:

  1. Warden. You will be a person who likes to listen to others and think about how
    their opinions affect the life of St. Nicholas. You will work closely with the priest,
    the treasurer, the other warden, the rentals coordinator. Click here for more details
  2. Treasurer. You will be a person who likes working with numbers, and has some skill in
    computer accounting or is eager to learn. You will be part of the executive team
    and part of the finance committee.
  3. Members-at-Large, Parish Council. You will enjoy learning about and helping to
    direct the vision and ministry of St. Nicholas. You are a team player and open to
    new ideas as well as respectful of the ministry that has happened.
  4. Synod delegate. You will be the liaison between the diocese and the parish,
    attending Regional Council and such Diocesan meetings and Synods as required.

Parish Committees
Finance: Offers an opportunity to create new stewardship initiatives,
prepare budgets and adjust them throughout the year. Use both critical and creative
perspectives to endure the financial and mission health of the parish.
Outreach: This team will work on how to make contact with the surrounding
community, both to see where we can help and to show our willingness to get
involved. This is largely a brain storming committee.
Pastoral Care: With the Rev’d Lynda Dowling, this committee visits in seniors homes
and responds to pastoral needs both within and beyond the parish.
Property: With Ken Charsley, the property manager, this committee reflects and acts
on the health, beauty and practicality of the whole building, both inside and out.
Some people may prefer to work more on the outside structure and others on the