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Rector’s Report September 2017

Our parish Vitality Teams: Spiritual Partnerships, Business Partnerships, (but not Parish Reform), are very active. Ken, Bob, Trevor and I have continue our work toward partnerships with the Bay Seniors, and Seniors Housing Coalition.  These connections are hopeful, but are not going to happen over night. The Housing Coalition has been exploring options and is in the process of seeing if the venture is possible to build on the back parking lot. I thought this option might be off the table, now that we are sharing the building with the Baptists, because or our need for parking, but our finance team has encouraged us to continue pursuing this possibility and work out the parking issue if and when they arise. As you know the Spiritual Partnership with The Seaside Baptist Community has commended on a trial basis. They have held a board meeting this week and will have a parish meeting to make a final decision at a parish meeting they are holding following September 24th’s service. Thing have gone very well for both communities and I expect that if all goes well during their parish meeting that they will be looking to sign a one year rental agreement with us.

I have been working on a parish wide Alpha for all age groups Program for September. I called the parish list and invited everyone, but we only had five people out above team on our first week. I believe we will ride it through the 9 weeks unless people stop coming, but hopefully others will join us. If we do continue to run the program we will potentially need some more volunteers to help with the nursery, but the first week we had no little ones. It appears that Alpha will not be the parish unifying event I had prayed it might be.

Dinner theater rehearsals started on September 17th with nearly a full cast. The show will be a Christmas themed take on “The Love Boat”. The cast is worried about time, but Kevin believes we can pull it off because most cast have a few lines, and no one has a huge number of lines.

As most of you know the end of August and September have been very difficult for me personally. The struggle has made me aware that I cannot allow myself to be in the line of fire the way I allowed myself to be last year at the church. There was a lot of unrest about the New Family Pray Ground Service and I carried the brunt of that unrest, with very little support from the council. I know that the previous council felt they were uninformed, but the reality was that very little time was given to inform them, and as long as there was a sense the work was being done by someone, the council was happy, because the prime directive was to finish every meeting on time. That is in the past, and our council is running in a healthier fashion this year, so what I am asking is if unrest arises I need you to support me and defend the decisions that we have made as a council. Last year distorted me, but I weathered through. This year I am weak and cannot bear the storm alone should it approach, and inevitable it well because what we are asking of people is to change church.

I will be representing St. Nicholas at the Vital Church Maritimes conference, September 21-23. I had thought I might skip it this year, but it was requested by the Diocese that I attend so that I could share some of the great work that we are doing at St. Nicholas to imagine church in new vital ways. We are pioneers in the Diocese.

I continue to be faithful to my monthly Spiritual Direction, as well as visiting those in the parish who are ill or facing other crisis. I am no longer the Priest in Charge of the Parish of Hachet Lake having worked with them through their crises, a new priest in charge has been appointed to work with them in what may be a prolonged time of transition to allow for healing.


Tammy+          Rector St. Nicholas Westwood Hills