Rector’s Page

Fall 2018

Giant Steps has joined us and September has been successful and they are really enjoying our space. I believe that it is going to be a great partnership. Seaside will remain with us into the new season which is very beneficial to both faith communities.

We have adapted our home study groups to a study following morning worship. I believe studying together will have a masterful and positive effect on the parish.

I am working hard to strike a new balance with my parish, my new diocesan role of Archdeacon and my Doctorate of Ministry university work. I am getting there, but it is a transition phase for me and I would ask for your prayers and your patients. If I forget to do something please remind me. It will come together, but I am still figuring things out

I continue to be faithful to my monthly Spiritual Direction, as well as visiting those in the parish who are ill or facing other crisis. I decided to cancel my trip to California in late September because my schedule way feeling overwhelming. I will still be taking some time off in mid-October for my Doctorate studies at Acadia. I am attending the  Annual Vital Church Maritime’s conference in November and will be co-leading a workshop on change.


Tammy+        Rector St. Nicholas Westwood Hills